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What do I need to bring with me?

Leggings, crop, vest, unitard, shorts or t-shirts are recommended with grip socks required on your feet (bring your own or ours are available to buy).

A bottle of water and a towel is recommended. Always arrive 10 mins early to set up your bed and prepare for your session on time. Bags, shoes and jackets can be left securely in our lounge areas or allocated baskets.


I'm really unfit, I've got injuries, I'm pregnant...

If you've got any physical considerations,  always get approval from your GP or midwife before undertaking any form of new exercise. However one of the best forms of fitness for people with limitations and or in rehabilitation is suggested as 'low impact and spine supportive exercise'.  

Let your instructor know before class starts for tailored support during your session.


How many classes a week should I do to see results?

While individual experiences vary, many notice physical improvements within a couple of weeks of consistent attendance (most feel it the next day!). NHS Guidelines state adults should do a 'minimum 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week to maintain wellbeing' - so if you have a goal to improve muscle tone or weight, do more than the average - around 4 workouts a week.


I've never done anything like this before!

New challenges are good for the soul.

Don't worry we'll explain how the equipment works, what to dowhich muscle groups to focus on. We don't believe in typecasting 'Beginner v's Advanced' classes, so take notice of the exercise alternatives/progressions provided, they're the perfect way to stay untied whilst adapting moves to differing abilities in every class.


Booking transfers & Cancellations

You can transfer a class up to 24hrs before the session start time. If you can't make it after this point, click Cancel on your booking confirmation as a courtesy to your instructor and the rest of the class, this opens up availability to the waiting list attendee. Please familiarise yourself with our T&C's HERE, required to agree before booking and payment.


How does ((BOUNCE)) BED compare to Reformer Pilates?

There's a main difference: ((B)) BED is performed to music, our sessions are pre-choreographed and more motivating than classical pilates because we encourage you to follow the varying beats-per-minute of each song.

With increased athleticism, a focus on heavy spring strength, implementing speed and higher intensity, you'll find our classes more about cardio than gentle flows.



Drop-in sessions give you flexibility, use this option for when you are mixing our classes with other forms of exercise.

Come as-and-when you want, we  love supporting you in your fitness journey.


For those who who come frequently but not consistently, benefit from block booking and buy our Class Pass to get a bulk saving. Valid for 60 days, rest easy that you've made more of a commitment to BED.


For  regular reformer lovers, our Membership is recommended if you do more than 2 classes per week, this will give you the biggest saving. Some studios offer Multi-Site Membership sharing so you can go between locations.



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